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This section will answer most if not all of your questions


KDs Cakes operates on a "made to order" schedule; creations are customized and typically require several weeks for planning/production. You should secure your event date and time as soon as you are aware of the need for sweet treats. Last minute orders (any order needed within fourteen (14) days of inquiry) are assessed a $100 expediting fee for custom cakes and a $50 expediting fee for cupcakes and other sweet treats. All last minute orders must be picked up, delivery is not offered for last minute orders. Payment in full for LMOs is required to secure your date and time on KDs Cakes kalendar. Refunds are not given for any reason.

To confirm your order details please respond to the About Your Order email sent after checkout.

Please be aware that if your chosen product(s) is not made with nuts or a nut product it is however prepared in a kitchen where nuts/nut products are frequently used. KDs Cakes does not guarantee that products will be free from all traces of nuts, dairy or any other allergens. Vegan and dairy free products are displayed on this site as (V)/as are (A)llergy friendly options, which are available upon request, additional cost incurred.


KDs Cakes takes every effort to ensure the final product is to your liking and satisfaction; images/photos submitted for design purposes are used as inspiration and reference only. KDs Cakes does not guarantee that designs and decorative finishes inspired from an image/photo (including our own) will be exact. All orders are designed using KDs Cakes creative judgment. 

Retainers secure your date on the Kake Kalendar

Retainers are nonrefundable

Failure to pay an invoice will result in order cancellation

4 weeks advance booking is highly suggested to secure your date and time on the kake kalendar; design details will be finalized thereafter. Any order needed within fourteen (14) days will be assessed a $100 expediting fee for custom cakes and a $50 expediting fee for cupcakes and other sweet treats.

Invoices are canceled if payment is not received by 6pm on the established due date. 

KDs Cakes does not accept personal checks. Returned/cancelled payments, for any reason, will incur a $36 fee. Full payment for the order, including the fee, must be rendered within 24 hours of notification to avoid cancellation.

​Once an order is paid in full all order details are considered final. Cancellations must be made no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled order due date. Orders cancelled less than fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled order due date will result in the loss of all monies paid. ​

Orders must be picked up at the time indicated in the confirmation email (received after payment has cleared). Saturday orders must be retrieved by 1pm. Late pick ups will be assessed a $30 holding fee as storage space is limited. Orders remaining after 30 minutes will be considered abandoned and disposed of at KDs Cakes discretion - No Refunds will be given No Exceptions!

Please inspect your order and request any changes prior to accepting your product(s) - additional charges may apply.


Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that your product(s) reach its destination in the same manner it left KDs Cakes. We are not responsible for any damage or mishaps that occur once your order has been accepted.  


  • Protect your purchase

  • NEVER place your product(s) on a seat - place your product(s)  on the floor in a flat space

  • Ensure that the space is clutter free and leveled to avoid things falling on top of or into the sides of the box

  • NEVER transport an order in a vehicle with loose/uncaged animals; animals love KDs Cakes!

  • 3+ tier cakes  require delivery (fee assessed - no exceptions) 

  • Buttercream and fondant covered cakes/cupcakes should be kept at room temperature 

  • Desserts containing cream cheese should be refrigerated as soon as possible

  • Strawberries should be consumed same day and are best served chilled



Please contact KDs Cakes within 48 hours if you have any issues with your product(s).

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