My Story

KDs Cakes started from the desires of a demanding 2 year old girl; knowing her birthday was just around the corner, my now oldest daughter stressed that a castle cake needed to be at her 3rd birthday party. I inquired at local bakeries and was very disappointed by the quoted prices (which amounted to a months’ worth of groceries for a family of 4). That's where my journey began; I searched the internet for weeks looking for pictures and Do-It-Yourself tutorials on Princess Castle Cakes. I became discouraged when search results returned 3 tiered immaculate castle cakes so I decided to print pictures of those beautiful cakes and scale it down to something an inexperienced baker, like myself, could pull off “effortlessly”. With a basic disposable aluminum pan, 2 boxes of cake mix, canned frosting, pre-made sugar roses/leaves, a Disney Princess Castle Cake kit and less than 12 hours left until party time I created what to me was an eye sore and a poor excuse of a birthday cake. Satisfied, amazed and feeling like a pretty pretty Princess my daughter (and her party guest) loved the cake and couldn't believe I made it myself. I thought to myself "there must be so many more parents/families in my area that are faced with this same issue for their child(ren's) birthdays." but I didn't give it anymore thought. 
Fast forward 1 year; sitting at home unemployed, bored, expecting my 2nd child and craving chocolate I searched the internet for the best chocolate cake recipe and got to work. When my family came home that evening, I forced everyone to taste what I had created FROM SCRATCH. Apparently it knocked their socks off because without my consent or knowledge, my mother took cake slices with her to work the next day. A few weeks later I received a phone call from a friend of my mothers requesting that I make 150 cupcakes for her Breast Cancer awareness event... thus KDs Cakes began.

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